FCC Parents

fcc preschool pictureParent involvement is essential to a positive learning experience. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved at First Congregational Church Weekday Preschool and Kindergarten. There are several days during the school year when parent’s participation is mandatory.

Parent Involvement Association (PIA)

The PIA is a committee of parents who work together with the Director and Assistant Director to plan special events for the children, organize fundraising events for the school, and coordinate parent volunteers for classroom activities. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join the PIA. Monthly meetings are scheduled to coordinated activities. Success is dependent upon 100% involvement!

Classroom Volunteers

A wide variety of opportunities exist for you to become directly involved in your child’s class. You are welcome to participate according to your interest and abilities. Sharing special cultural celebrations and traditions unique to your family is encouraged!

Field Trips

First hand experiences provide your child with the background for further learning. We hope that you will be able to help us by attending an occasional field trip. Your child’s teacher will organize each outing, keeping age appropriateness and your child’s safety in mind.


The Teachers and the Directors are available for conferences to discuss your child’s progress and development throughout the school year. Please call the Preschool office to schedule a conference. There are several dates set aside each year for formal parent/teacher conferences. Please refrain from engaging the classroom teacher or the assistant teacher in a conference during the regular school day, or while children are present.

Parent Bulletin Board

A bulletin board for parents is located inside the main entrance of the school. Please feel free to post notices for babysitters, carpools, and special community events. Do to our non-profit status we are unable to advertise parents’ personal businesses.